How Do Electric Push Bikes Work?

The first time you see an electric bike, you might wonder how they work. What makes an e-bike different from a traditional push-bike? What’s all the hype about? After all, they look similar to the bike you would have ridden as a child. While an electric bike might look the same to the naked eye, it operates differently thanks to three components.

Electric Motor

You’ll still be pedalling with your e-bike,

but the power comes from an electric motor which operates on a battery and is triggered by a speed sensor.

There is a digital monitor on your handlebars to help you keep track of the bike’s battery levels, your speed, and the distance you’ve travelled.

When you start to pedal, the motor starts up as well.

The ride assistance gives you a smoother ride experience and makes it easier for you to cycle.

The motor will determine the power level of your electric bike.

Ridel ‘Tripster’ bike offers a powerful 500w motor,

while the ‘Snugger’ has a 750w rear hub motor.

you can see all models on

You’ll want to consider the motor capacity when you’re shopping around for an electric bike,

as it’ll affect your cycling experience.

The motor is powered by a battery, which is rechargeable, just like your iPhone or tablet.

The Battery

The battery capacity on your electric bike will determine how far you can travel.

Don’t let the idea of charging a battery put you off an electric bike.

You can get a full charge within a few hours,

meaning you can top it up overnight or during the day between journeys.

Plug your e-bike into a charging port and wait for it to fill up.

The Speed Sensor

Electric bikes have a speed sensor,

which triggers the motor once you start pedalling and gives you ride assistance.

You’ll be able to keep track of your speed on the bike’s digital monitor.

These three components work together to power your electric bike.

They allow you to achieve the smooth ride that you can only get from an e-bike,

giving you the extra assistance to let you travel further than on a traditional push-bike.


You use an electric bike the same way you would a push-bike.

The motor, battery, and speed sensor do all the extra work for you.

As an e-bike has more components than a traditional model, it can feel heavier.

You can find lightweight models, like Ridel's ‘Ora’ bike, which has a magnesium alloy e-bike frame

In practical terms, it’s no different from pedalling with your traditional bike,

and there isn’t any difficulty with braking.

Once you stop pedalling, the motor will stop.

You can think of an e-bike as a sleeker version of your push-bike,

with a power source to give you extra support while cycling.

While you’ll still be pedalling the same way,

you’ll notice the difference with an e-bike right away.

This hybrid bike will make your daily commute feel less like a chore and improve your cycling experience.

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